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    Hancock Law Firm, PC works on a broad spectrum of legal matters for corporations, small businesses, and individuals. We have experience in not just one area of law but several, so we may help a variety of clients. For more information regarding these areas, please click on the topic of your choice to obtain a brief description of the service we provide for that area of law.

    Personal Injury                                           Civil Litigation

    *  Automobile Accidents                             *  Insurance Defense              

    *  Wrongful Death                                      *  Construction Disputes          

    *  Slip and Falls                                         *  Property Damage                  


    Medical Malpractice                                   Business Law     

   *   Negligence and Wrongful Death                 *  Incorporation of Business

                                                                      *   Preparation of General Contracts

                                                                      *  Contract Disputes

    Products Liability                     

   *Defective Products               



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