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Lisa is a case manager for Greg Hancock and "resident writer" for the firm. Something important to be aware of:

Lisa guards her coveted red Swingline stapler and her vintage typewriters with fervor!         

Click here to view the "red hot" stapler and here to see some of her vintage typewriters.

Lisa Rogers Sykes, a transplant from Florida, has been living in Appalachian hill country since 1996. After earning her Masterís in English and working as an adjunct English professor for several years, Lisa decided she needed a career change so she could spend less time grading essays and more time caring for her newborn son. Lisa lives in Lebanon with her husband, Matt, her son, Noah, and her dog, Buddy. During the meager amount spare time she has, Lisa enjoys reading, playing practical jokes, and watching scary movies.                                             

Some of Lisaís favorite web sites include the following:

NBC's The Office


www.sirius.com (My picks: Standard Time and First Wave!)


Cathy is always happy to see you unless you're carrying a big stack of documents for her to sift through. If this is the case, keep walking.

Holding a business degree from Southwest Community College, Cathy Compton has been with the firm since 1999. During her free time, Cathy enjoys reading authors such as John Grisham and Tom Clancy. You'll also find Cathy cheering on her favorite teams such as the Boston Red Sox, the Atlanta Braves, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and primarily, the Honaker Tigers. However, the moments she relishes the most are those when she spends time with her granddaughter, Hayley. Cathy and her husband, Brent, live in Russell County.

Cathy likes to visit the following websites:







Sharon Dixon is the office administrator and bookkeeper. A 1992 graduate of Virginia Intermont College, Sharon holds a BS in Organizational Management. She lives in Lebanon with her husband, Joe, and two daughters, Julie and Jill. Some of her interests include attending church and reading.


Alice and Ralph work outside of the firm as valet parking attendants.  They work closely together, making sure that all of the other employees have adequate parking. Pardon the pun, but if they're flying in while you're in the parking lot, duck!

To see Alice and Ralph's favorite sites, point your browser to the following:






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